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How can the Subject Property details be validated in MCA?

The Appraiser has the option to view the listing sheet for the Subject Property even before doing the comps search.

Once the address is validated, click on the Property Details button next to the Subject Property address box.

This opens up a window on the right-hand side with the MLS listing data and the Public Record data for that property.

This provides the listing history and all images associated with that listing. This acts as a checkpoint for the Appraiser to run ahead of time.

The Appraiser a print a report for the Subject Property and incorporate that into their work product by adding the link available.

The Appraiser also has the option to look at previous listing information and compare that against the current listing information. Photos from the current and previous listings can also be compared side by side to get a better picture of the improvements made since the last listing.


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