Image Labelling

How do I set up automatic image labelling and ordering of images in MCA?

Once the images have been reviewed click on the Auto Order Image button. This sorts the images in the order set up by the Appraiser in the Settings page. Image labeling comes with the MLS images and uploaded images if that is set so. The image labels recommended can be changed to something chosen by the Appraiser. This can be reset to the by clicking on the Reset Auto Labels button.

The order in which the labeled images have to be sorted is set when a new AMC is being set up in MCA. The default order is as follows:  Front of Structure, Courtyard, Reception, Lobby, Living Room, Family Room, Fireplace, Dining Room, Dining Area, Sitting Room, Sun Room, Office, Study, Media Room, Master Bedroom, Bedroom and so on. This default order can be changed by an MCA Administrator user based on the AMC’s request.

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