Property Data

How can property attributes be added from public records or entered by the Appraiser in an MCA report?

All the data in the MCA report is loaded in different sections, and each section is editable or customizable.

In the Report Preview page, Property Information is displayed in different categories such as Listing Details, Interior Features, Exterior Features, Property and Lot Details, Utilities and Tax Assessment details, location details, Public Record details on the property, School information, and Agent/Broker Details.

If these are not available or need to be edited, MCA provides the functionality within the same section. Click on the Add/Modify Attributes button to view the current source of data.

It is set as MLS Listing data by default. If the user desires to override the MLS data with Public Record data, or provide custom data for a field, you can select the appropriate option on this page.

The Appraiser has the option to change it to Public Record Data, or custom data can be provided by Appraiser, or revert back to the MLS provided data for that field is required.

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